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Business Benchmarking

In some industries it’s absolutely vital to know how your business compares to others, while in others it’s not so crucial. Business Benchmarking provides a way to compare your business […]

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Ways to connect when you’re time-poor

For small business owners who are busy getting work done, it can be a struggle to find the time to physically get out there and connect with others. Many time-poor […]

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Communicating price increases to clients

In our last blog we discussed why it’s okay to increase prices, and because it’s such an important issue, I’d like to now discuss how to communicate price increases to […]

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Why it’s okay to increase prices

Clients have said to me in the past that they worry about raising prices and potentially loosing sales, but at the same time, feel that they can’t afford not to. […]

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What you can and can’t claim

We have a few clients that sometimes have differing views to us as to what constitutes a legitimate business deduction. So we thought it was probably a good time to […]

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Staying on top of your receivables

While every business enjoys collecting income owed to them, some business owners I know do nothing when receivables become overdue. This is often just a simple case of not following up […]

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