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Increasing gross profit

I sometimes find, especially with clients that are new to their business, that they don’t always fully understand the difference between net profit and gross profit, and what causes gross […]

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The benefits of a business plan

A business plan is a blueprint for your business. It’s a document which sets out in detail exactly how and why you’ll run your business, and includes everything from how […]

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Partnering with your spouse

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to be able to provide my services to many different types of businesses. But I think that one of the most interesting, and […]

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Cutting costs to improve the bottom line

There are some small business owners I’ve spoken with recently who are doing it tough. For them the current business environment means that it’s increasingly difficult to rely on earnings […]

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Keeping personal and business finances separate

Something I find surprisingly common, and also a little frustrating, is working with businesses that don’t keep their personal and business finances separated. It’s a very simple thing to do […]

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Why you need a website

It always amazes me the number of businesses I discover that still don’t have a website twenty-five years after the creation of the world-wide-web. Every business, regardless of size, needs to […]

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