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The types of money in your business

Over the years I’ve seen quite a few clients that make the mistake of not separating their personal from their business finances. They’ll have one credit card and one bank […]

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Faded receipts and record keeping requirements

Something that I’m seeing more and more of lately is blank receipts. I’m not talking about invoices that someone has neglected to fill in, but rather point of sale receipts […]

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Tips for a better accounts payable system

There are some business owners I know that don’t really have a system for paying their bills. They just pay them when they remember, have time or get a friendly […]

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Does brand matter in small business? Yes. Yes it does.

Guest Blog by Ellie Louie, Creative Director, Firefly Interactive First off, what is this elusive thing we call ‘brand’? It gets bandied around enough, but does anyone really knows what […]

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Tips to help restore a healthy work-life balance

Work–life balance is a concept that involves creating equilibrium between the different aspects of our lives. It requires prioritising career with lifestyle pursuits like sport, health, leisure, diet and relaxation […]

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It’s not just about the numbers

I’ve always believed in the importance of empowering our clients with a greater understanding of their finances so they can make better business decisions. This doesn’t mean just emailing off […]

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